Executive Coaching

  • Lead more relationally by seeing yourself and others more clearly.
  • Lead more effectively by better leveraging your time and talent.
  • Unlock the power of your organization by leveraging strategies that fully align with your vision.
  • Unleash the power of your team by developing and activating the people around you.

A thorough discovery process includes a site visit to most effectively design a custom coaching plan. Together, we identify the key areas of concern for both compulsory/competency-based leadership skills and EQ/people skills – including a clear picture of specific awareness gaps. Based on the entirety of this perspective key objectives are mapped out and a coaching plan is designed to develop key competencies and close relational awareness gaps.

Professional Transitions

Are you anticipating or in the midst of a professional transition?
Are you still working through post-transition challenges?
Are you a leader who needs to transition a team member?

Transitions in both marketplace and ministry contexts are tough. I have walked leaders through a process of healing and self-discovery that launches them into a new season of professional purpose and vocational contribution.

The Executive Cohort

Looking for a tailored executive development process?
Looking for what's next in your executive leadership journey?
Consider joining our professional development cohort.

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